WIX DNS Services

Please note that WIX did not support DNS services for .is domains according to requirements. See: https://www.wix.com/support/html5/domains/connecting-domains-purchased-elsewhere/kb/connecting-an-isnic-domain-to-your-site.

(WIX staff did finally talk to us about a resolution. They’ve indicated that Google will not add a PTR entry. ISNIC is the .is ccTLD Domain Registry. WIX reverted to their old services as of Oct.20, 2015, thereby supporting .is domains, but after 8th January 2016, they’ve apparently reneged on this and again, do not support .is domains in their DNS system).

If you follow the information from WIX, you’ll find information which you need to push to a DNS provider. ISNIC has a list of Registered ISP’s, which all work with .is domains: https://www.isnic.is/en/domain/isp. ISNIC doesn’t use any external DNS service itself, so we cannot indicate that one is better than the other, some have free DNS services, like  x.is and 1984.is.

Find a provider, register your domain with them and  “Redelegate” your domain to them.

Domain Pointing tells you about 3 primary Resource Records (RRs):

  1. IP Address (A RECORD), one or more, which you use when you create your domain with a DNS provider.
  2. CNAME for www, this is a name, i.e. wwwXX.wixdns.net.
  3. MX RECORD (one or more entries for mail servers) – this applies if you do have e-mail connected to your domain. Make sure this is correct in such cases.

This you can put into DNS GUI’s/cPanel or send to a DNS provider, or if you’re hosting – create a Zone file.

WIX does not support all ccTLD’s directly – they don’t support .no (Norway) or .sg (Singapore) according to the Support pages.